A few things you need to know about me:

    • I have a voracious appetite for travel. My dream is to travel around the world.

In the meanwhile, I am city hopping every few years, so that I can see the world, experience new cities and places, and have the time of my life while I am still young.

  • I’m a writer that loves her dog. My dog has a blog. Check it out. Gracie Lu Shih Tzu..
  • “What’s your name” has always been a hard question for me to answer. To some people, I am “Doan Phuong” (my Vietnamese traditional double name – all Vietnamese girls have double names). To others, I am “DP.” And to some of my friends, I am “Zoe” (which is a Hanson thing). Call me what you want. I have no preference.
  • I love Hanson. The band. Mmmbop. Make your jokes. It’s all cool with me.
  • I also run a pregnancy and baby boutique called Preggie Baby Boutique.

Want to know anything else? Just ask!

Email me HERE.

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