The Rock of Dunamase Castle

After the Jameson Whiskey tour in Dublin, Nicole and I headed to the Rock of Dunamase (also referred as the Dunamase Castle). The drive took us roughly 1.5 hours, give or take. We avoided the toll leaving Dublin, which was awesome because we are budget travelers. We plugged in the longitude and latitude in our GPS and we were all set. … [Read more...]

First Dublin Stop: The Old Jameson Distillery

After a six hour flight from Chicago, we landed in Dublin. It was 2AM Central Time, but 8AM Dublin time. There was no time to sleep; we simply had too much to see and do in Ireland. It was a wet and rainy morning in Dublin, but fortunately for us, there was not much traffic so we could practice driving on the "wrong" side of the street with ease. And in Dublin and Ireland, it's always … [Read more...]

Ireland – A Beautiful but Rainy Vacation

My most recent travels took me to Ireland, the land of saints and scholars, four-leaf cloves and leprechauns, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. I found an amazing Groupon Getaway deal that offered 9 days, 7 nights in Southern Ireland. For only $1,100, I was offered round trip airfare, my car rental for the entire trip, and all of my hotels covered. What an amazing deal! The … [Read more...]

The Road to Tulsa

Road trips make me super happy, so does traveling. Two weekends ago, I was getting the itch to go somewhere. It had been over a month since I had taken a trip - I know, the horror! It had been close to 30 days since I had left St. Louis! As I am a huge HANSON Fan - a Mmmboppin' lifelong, dedicated fan - I have always wanted to see Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hanson's hometown. Actually, I've wanted to … [Read more...]

WTFudge is “Hungry Wanderlust?”

Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to travel around the world. Unfortunately, it costs lots of money to be able to travel globally. … [Read more...]