How to Toast Almonds

Toasted Almonds

Roasting almonds is amazingly easy and quick. It deepens the flavor, offering a more robust and complex taste.

If almonds aren’t in your normal diet, you should add them in. Almonds are a superfood, packed with monounsaturated fats (“good fats”), known for lowering your cholesterol and decreasing your risk of heart disease. These healthy nuts are also packed full of essential nutrients and minerals – like calcium, potassium and magnesium. You don’t need much to get the health benefits. Just a handful of almonds every day gives you 50% of your daily intake of Vitamin B6, a nutrient essential to keeping your hearth healthy. Plus, almonds are high in protein, so they are very filling and stave off your hunger.

For today’s recipe, I used slivered almonds (a 10-oz bag) and toasted them in the oven. Done in less than ten minutes, my roasted almonds came out perfect and were so delicious. I’m adding them to salad for protein.

You can use any type of almond (whether whole, sliced or slivered) for this recipe. Just increase the cook time, depending on the type of almond you are using.

Whole almonds may take 10-12 minutes to fully bake. Check your almonds regularly (every 5 minutes) to ensure that they are not burning, stirring regularly so that the almonds cook evenly. You want your almonds to be darkened slightly or golden brown.

You can sprinkle your almonds with salt or any seasonings you want (optional). I prefer to not use salt, as I think toasted almonds taste delicious alone.


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