Seared and Roasted Quail with Marsala Sauce

Seared Quail with Marsala Sauce

I love quail and keep it stocked in my freezer. From my local grocery, I buy a package of four frozen quails – though wish I had access to fresh quail – and keep it on hand, thawing the day before I’m ready to cook.

Seared and then roasted quail makes an easy supper to impress your friends and family. You can make this dinner in under 30 minutes, though I definitely recommend you take at least 40 minutes to avoid rushing.

I made this seared quail recipe the other evening for supper, and it was marvelous. You are more than welcome to use any of your favorite seasonings. I love garlic (a trend you will see in most of my recipes), and Creole seasoning makes this recipe so easy to create. I paired the seared quail with a traditional Marsala sauce.



  1. holy crap, that looks incredible!i love it when i see a recpie with two things that i love but had never thought about putting together. now, i think i might be mildly obsessed with making this dish (especially since cauliflower soup was on this week’s menu anyway).

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